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Price Match Challenge

Our Price Match Challenge is not just a price match, what's the point of that, if you find the same product advertised and in stock for the same price or less we will try and match it or if you're ready to place the order ask us to beat the other retailers price.... 

The "Price Match Challenge" only applies to Tents, Caravan and Motor Home Awnings, we do not include accessories such as tent carpets and footprints etc.

We do not match against short term tent shows or auction sites, its easy to be a few pounds less if you are here today gone tomorrow, we are here all the time and offer a service that cannot be matched if you do not have a physical shop. 

We monitor prices all the time and feel we are always competitive with our prices.

Please fill in the form below with as much information about the "Price Match", ie the other retailers name, a link to the advertised product etc.

* See terms and conditions for details... LINK.   

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